Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias in South Florida

Fears and phobias can completely dominate someone’s life. It can severely restrict where you go and what you do. Not only will you experience fear and anxiety when you are in the situation you fear, but your whole life will be filled with trepidation that you may come across and end up in the situation you fear so much. Fear of being trapped in an enclosed area or in a crowd, or fear of meeting a spider or other animal, for example, will have you in a constant state of apprehensiveness and dread for what might occur.

If you have a fear of germs you may be averse to doing the simplest things, such as opening a door, handling money, or shaking hands with people, which can severely restrict your social activities, and be a source of embarrassment.

These fears and phobias are caused by irrational ideas and beliefs in your subconscious. And sometimes they have been created by some incident, even an unremembered incident, in your past.

By using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to conquer your fears, we can swiftly change these ideas and beliefs held within your subconscious mind to more constructive and positive ones, which will change how you experience those formerly feared things with your conscious mind.

Whether it is, for example, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of sickness, fear of water, or a more unique fear or phobia, that is your personal experience, it will not be a matter of exerting yourself consciously to willfully, overcome your fears, but having them simply disappear out of your life, ending the experience of them for good, so they no longer play a role in creating the life you live.

Watch clinical hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose on Veria Living’s Got Zen? Episode “Using Zen to Battle Your Fears”

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