Our Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation Program Protocol

Prior to your hypnotherapy to quit smoking session, an e-mail packet will be forwarded to you  containing the following articles:  “What Happens after Your Quit,” “What Type of Friend Is Your Cigarette,” and an “Intake Form for the Future Former Smoker.” The material helps educate you, the future non-smoker, about both the nature of smoking as a behavioral habit, and the nature of smoking as a chemical based nicotine addiction. At the same time, it helps you to better understand hypnosis. Gathering information with the Intake Form, not only helps prepare our hypnotist for your smoking cessation session, but it will also help you. As you respond to the questions on our Intake Form for the Future Former Smoker, you will get a better understanding of both your relationship to your habit and your motivation for ending it.

In addition,you will receive behavioral instruction, prior to your hypnosis to quit smoking session, aimed at disrupting the regular routine of the habit. You may be asked to, for example, to change the hand you smoke with, to introduce a delay before resuming smoking, or to place a restriction on the total number of cigarettes smoked daily, or even practice being a non-smoker.

When you arrive at our center, you will have a private, one on one hypnosis session in which you will be guided through the necessary changes to become a permanent non-smoker.

Your hypnosis session is divided into four parts:

First, you will be interviewed. During this time Mr. Rose will review your “Intake Form for the Future Former Smoker” responses to learn about your lifestyle, your smoking habit and your motivation for quitting. This will enable him, to use his  flexibility to tailor the hypnosis to your particular personality, lifestyle, and needs.

Secondly, you will be given an explanation of the nature of the hypnosis process you will be experiencing.

Then thirdly, you will view a Stop Smoking video, which will both educate you to the true nature of your smoking habit and create the necessary conditions for easy and effective change.

In the final section of our smoking cessation hypnosis session, you will be guided into a trance. In this state, with the gentle empathetic guidance of Mr. Rose, you will make valuable changes, and emerge from your trance as a permanent non-smoker.

After your hypnosis for to quit smoking cessation, you will receive two Quit Smoking Self Hypnosis audios to listen to at home and “Some Articles for the New Non Smoker” and some of Jeffrey Rose’s published health articles will to be emailed to you afterwards. Jeffrey will also make a follow-up phone call to you to see how your feeling.

Additionally, you will be emailed a congratulations  every week for three weeks and every month for three months, six months and one year to sustain your motivation, and achieve your desired outcome with the least  discomfort.

As an integral adjuvant to your hypnosis to quit smoking session, Mr. Rose and staff are available post-session by phone to serve to make your progress easier, with both welcome encouragement, and self-esteem boosting recognition of your ongoing accomplishment in being smoke free.

The dynamics of our smoking cessation program protocol recognizes the complexity of being a habitual smoker, and approaches the treatment from many perspectives. This comprehensive approach will allow you to break the smoking habit and modify your behavior, while eliminating any craving for nicotine. You will gain improved self-awareness, along with a much healthier self-image. Your motivation will be enhanced and you will feel a sense of personal gain and accomplishment, rather than self-denial and frustration, as a new permanent non-smoker. Our method obviates the need for any further ongoing use of medications or nicotine withdrawal regimes that may have previously been utilized. It can additionally be noted that hypnotherapy is medically non-invasive and there are no contraindications.